Type: Rannoch R45 – Rose
Length Overall: 8.64m
Waterline Length: 7.75m
Max Beam: 1.74m
Draft: 0.32m
Overall Height: 1.56m
Displacement (full load): 1200kg
Material: Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Our ocean rowboat, the Rannoch 45, aka Rose, is a 4/5 person monohull made of carbon and Kevlar, designed and built by the most experienced marine architect in ocean rowing: Charlie Pitcher, himself an ocean rower who has set several world records.

Rose was built in 2014 for the Yorkshire Rows, also known as “the 4 mums in a boat”.

In the 2015-2016 TWAC, Yorkshire Rows arrived in Antigua after 67 days, beating the world record for the oldest woman to row any ocean.

After completing the 2015-2016 TWAC, Rose was purchased by Ralph Tuijn, who had already set two world records. Ralph and his team landed the world record for fastest rowing boat crossing the Atlantic coast to coast by finishing in just 47 days. One member of the team was the youngest rower to set a record.

The boat is safe, strong, and very fast due to its hydrodynamics, one of the world’s fastest boats available.


We brought 60 days’ worth of rations, 1 bottle of Antigua Rum, first aid kit and some small reminders of home.

To face the elements, we had to come prepared, so our boat was equipped with the latest naval technology available to help us make a safe return: power management, EPIRB, VHF Radio, AIS, AIS MOB beacons, satellite phone, GPS, compass, fixed and portable pump, life jackets, harnesses, steering system, stove, watermaker, (para) anchor, towing lines & spares.