The DAF rowed in pairs; Bart & David and Marcel & Erik, 2 hours on, 2 hours off – 24/7 for 34 days 12 hours and 9 minutes. It was difficult for them to get used to the routine and the first 10 days were the worst. Once acclimatized, they settled in and the further they got, the more room they found to relax.

During the 2 hours off they were eating, drinking, maintaining the boat, navigating, sleeping (of course).
Eating, lots of eating

8.000 calories times 4 comes to 32.000 calories, which they burned each day. They certainly had an appetite!!! Unfortunately, no steaks or fresh vegetables were on the menu so they were relying on dehydrated food (expedition food), chocolate bars, oats, nuts, sport gels and whatever they could find in the boat. There was an angling rod on board to try to catch fish. It would have been a real treat for them to hook some fresh fish for some of the best Sashimi on the ocean. But as they were in the lead they could take the risk for losing the first place whilst battling with a tuna or blue marlin.


It was a sweaty business. The four used about 25 litres of fresh water every day. There was an electric watermaker on board, and with the electricity generated from solar panels and batteries it could make fresh water from sea water. On the ocean they experienced power issues and had to use the manual watermaker as well. This involved up to 1,5 hours per day extra time of pumping water next to the 12 hours of rowing per day.